Dropshipping is a score and a catch for creative retailers with little to zero storage space. It's a business model where you, the retailer, don't store products in your garage or a warehouse. All you need is a retail website where you receive customer orders and payments and let Cape Robbin do the rest. We directly ship the product to the customer. You get paid, and the customer receives their order. As a dropshipper, you manage your own business wherever, whenever. 

Promote. Sell. Earn cash without breaking a sweat.


  1. We handle all the heavy lifting for you: inventory storage, packing, shipping, and delivery. You can dedicate your time to growing your business. 
  2. With low overhead expenses, it's easier to increase your cash flow. By not ordering inventory or paying for storage, you don't have as many monthly costs to take care of. 
  3. You can offer a variety of trending products to broaden your audience. And you don't have to worry about unsold products. 
  4. Starting an online business is easy when you don't need to worry about managing a warehouse or tracking inventory. All you have to do is connect to channels like Shopify store or Walmart Marketplace. 
  5. A dedicated customer support team is always ready and happy to help you scale your business. You don't need to have an IT background. 
  6. Finally, the most important thing is you can grow your own business and invest in yourself.

Fast Delivery

Order Tracking

Tech Support

Full Integration

  • Fashion forward product design.
  • Over 400 styles in stock. 50 new styles are launched each month.
  • 25 million inventories available at any given time.
Dropship Tool And Pricing

Pricing Starts $49/Month

Inverge dropship connection price starts from $49/Month or 1% of total sales.

For Examples:
1. If you sell $10,000 for the month, you total usage price will be $100 for inverge.
2. If you sell $1000 for the month, then you will be charged with $49 for the month.

About Inverge

Inverge provides an end-to-end retail management system to brand owners, retailers, and dropshippers to unleash their business’ potential.
With a simple connection process - normally takes 10 minutes or less. You'll be ready to start publishing products to your selling channels.
  • Inventory Sync with Cape Robbin
  • Product Name, photos, description automatic sync to your store
  • Pay only when Cape Robbin fulfill the orders
  • 1 Click publish